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  1. Complete BOM Fulfillment

    At Nexsun Electronics we do not strictly confine our fulfillment activities to our franchise partners.  We feel that it in many cases our clients prefer to do business with as few suppliers as possible.  For that reason we operate as both a franchise distributor and an independent distributor to fulfill every line item in a bill of materials.

    To see a complete list of our franchised lines click here.

  2. Supply Shortfall

    When you need help finding electronic components due to a hiccup in demand planning, allocation, long lead times, or obsolescence, let us know. We can help you locate hard to find components from all major manufacturers by using our proven network of verified suppliers. You can reach our Supply Shortfall experts by filling out this simple request form.

  3. Bonded Inventory

    Nexsun’s Bonded Inventory programs can assist our partners who employ lean manufacturing practices to reach revenue goals, protect profit margins, and capitalize on cost saving opportunities. Contact your account representative to learn more.

  4. Excess Inventory Management

    Nobody is perfect. Ambitious forecast by sales, product timing issues, overstocked items, other business conditions or decisions often times leave companies with excess inventories. At Nexsun we are experts at marketing and selling excess inventories for our partners and our parts posting system will broadcast your excess inventories worldwide to those companies who can take it off your hands. Contact your account representative to learn more.

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