We started doing business in 2002 as Suntsu Frequency Control, Inc., a supplier of quartz based timing devices, helping mid-market technology companies compete with their larger rivals.

In late 2009, driven by the down-turn of the global economy, we noticed that many of our clients had reduced the headcount in their engineering and purchasing departments to weather the storm. In response, we conducted a survey to uncover what we could do to help. The two topics that came up repeatedly were engineering support and vendor managed inventory. With that information in hand we strengthened our engineering and operations teams and updated our brand promises to reflect our new focus areas.

By 2011, the economy was back on track and Suntsu had doubled in size. Our customers were thrilled with our new service model and many were eager to buy more than timing devices from us. After months of soul searching and debate, we decided to spin up a distribution company based on the same principles that had driven Suntsu's accelerated growth.

First, we acquired a local electronics distribution company also serving the mid-market with a quality line up of manufacturers and broad range of products. Then we transformed the combined companies by offering design assistance and customized inventory solutions to meet the complete needs of our customers.

In May of 2012, we finalized our acquisition and Nexsun Electronics, Inc. was born. Over the next several years, we systematically built out our operations and engineering teams to mimic those of Suntsu and Nexsun experienced accelerated growth.

Presently, we are one of the fastest growing distributors in the world. We have focused our product/manufacturer line-up around 5 specific industries and we're still helping those same mid-market technology companies compete with their larger rivals.

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